Qualitative Recruitment Study

To support recruitment, the OPTIMA study contains a Qualitative Recruitment Study (QRS). The QRS aims to understand the sources of recruitment difficulty, as the study is underway and using these insights, develop strategies to address recruitment challenges throughout the remainder of recruitment.

QRS activities

Flow diagram

The QuinteT team at the University of Bristol are leading the QRS. For further information contact Carmel Conefrey and visit the QuinteT webpage

Audio-recording consultations

Audio-recording consultations where OPTIMA is discussed is a key part of the QRS. With your recordings we can:

  • provide individual recruiter feedback
  • gain valuable insights into the recruitment process
  • draw on the recordings to develop training and support for centres across the OPTIMA study.

For a chat about audio-recording please contact Carmel Conefrey

Patient Interviews 

The OPTIMA qualitative team are keen to interview patients that are taking part in OPTIMA and those that have chosen to not to enter OPTIMA in order to explore patient decision making. Learning about the patient perspective will significantly contribute to our goal of supporting recruitment and informed consent.

Research staff involvement is minimal, all we need you to do is ask the patient if they’d be prepared to be contacted by a researcher from the QuinteT team about a possible interview. The procedure for approaching and registering patients is in QRS Patient Interview Procedure Note.

    Essential QRS documents